What is your body trying to tell you? - Your Anti Aging Expert, Sally Donahue
What are YOU doing that is STRESSING YOU?  Stress is unavoidable...but there is hope....
Here is the best place to start....
Lamanine...Fibroblast Growth Factor....for helping the body repair....wow!  Simple, affordable...for brain function and sense of well being, for pain, for stamina.  This is what we need! 
Pharmenex has the newest in anti aging! AgeLoc with adaptogens.....it is the ONE thing that worked for me!!
Anyone ignoring their colo-rectal health these days?  Well, lets get anal about it!  2nd leading cause of death in America....time to get past the uncomfortable subject!!!  Non-surgical relief for your daily deeds!  Many people ignore the subject.. it is just too uncomfortable to address, but is it more comfortable to end up with cancer?!  Many people have tumors that they thought were just hemoroids!  Don't be a statistic~Check it out.  Don't ignore this important aspect of your body's health!!
What's in YOUR WATER??  Time to do the best thing for your body!!
Bottled water is so expensive, and Smart water is NOT good water!!!  Are you wondering what is in your tap (Britta doesn't filter out fluoride)....what is on your food (Pesticides) or what else got on it from the farm to the store (e coli, animal feces...ick)?
Find out what other people have discovered about what drinking clean, alkaline and ionized water has done for them:
www.downloadmyebook.com/donahue  Testimonials on the benefits of Kangen water!!
Zeolite in capsules or powder for removal of toxins and heavy metals from your body!!  The fastest way I have found to feel good when
I feel really yucky in the morning..
www.youngliving.com/asksally   Go here to find therapeutic grade essential oils and natural products!!
 University studies have proven that
Therapeutic grade essential oils STOP CANCER IN THE BODY!!
www.drleonardcoldwell.com  He has all the stuff I have been talking about for years...get his cancer protocols here.
www.drtanton.com  Expert in Longevity!
www.dr-gonzales.com  Excellant support for natural cancer treatment
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