What is your body trying to tell you? - Your Anti Aging Expert, Sally Donahue
The underlying cause of disease is stress....emotional, physical, environmental and dietary.  The effect of this is a state of Dis-ease, poor adrenal function, acidosis, fatigue, etc.  I have found the product that can counteract the effects of stress on the body!  Lamanine is helping with all the effects we are seeing as disease.  THERE IS HOPE!  I am encouraged finally....to find a simple, comprehensive solution...that is affordable, too!  Fabulous...just my style...simple and affordable!  CHECK IT OUT!
You can search YouTube and find amazing testimonials!!  Call me with any question!
ASEA is an amazing new technology with water.  Redox signalling molecules are in our cells and they signal the cell to repair or reproduce.  They decline with age....aahhh....a clue to the aging problem!  Asea has those redox signalling molecules our cells need to repair...like they did when we were young...replentish them daily and help your body to work the way it was designed!  People are having great results, like sleeping better!  How great is that?  Your body repairs while you sleep, so that is very important! 
 Find out more:
www.amazingmolecules.com ...find out what it is
www.yesitsamazing.com .....find out what others are experiencing
www.asksally.teamasea.com  (sign up to buy your own at wholesale)
Zeolites were recommended on the radio show, Coast to Coast, for detoxifying your body of Heavy Metals; Uranium, Mercury, Lead, Cadmium,etc!   People I know who had cancer and fibromyalgia found great results using it!  When I don't feel well, I take some at night and I feel GREAT in the morning!!  Order a bottle today, or get the economical powder.  Prevention is the cure!!!
Young Living Essential Oils and supplements have been scientifically proven to STOP CANCER!  These products are the highest quality and most effective for maintaining a healthy body and mind!!! 
Drink the best, pure, Alkaline Kangen water!       
Why should I drink Kangen water???  Clean water is second to clean air as a basic need for your body!  How can you be sure your water is clean?  How can you clean your food from pesticides and harmful  bacteria? 
I  invested in a machine so that I can have clean water and can clean the nasty chemicals off my food.  The food takes so much better when it is truly clean! 
Watch this video with Pat Boone hosting a water clinic with Oregonian Bob Gridelli:
GOT QUESTIONS?   asksally4wellness@gmail.com
 WOW!!!  I found my favorite new ANTI AGING product that helped me lose the 5 lbs I had put on over the last five years that wouldn't go away...they just melted away in one month!
The new AgeLoc supplement is fantastic! 
www.nuskin.com Click on Pharmenex and then AgeLoc.  Any questions?  Just Ask!! 
Some basics for you:
What you don't  put into your body is just as important as what you DO put in your body!! It isn't expensive to eat right!
A plant based diet has been proven to REVERSE HEART DISEASE!
My cell phone # is 503.957.0725
This website was designed by me....it is really simple, and really cheap!!   I like simple and practical.  Being healthy is simple, it just takes a shift...take out things you don't need.  Get moving, get clean, find your place with God, forgive, love!
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